Nov 03

Home Decorating Idea – Using A Touch Of Red To Add Beauty And Flair To Your Home

Why use red in your home decorating idea? Red is the warmest of all colors and symbolizes vitality, energy, action and confidence. It makes a bold statement and is, incidentally, the color most chosen by extroverts. This article gives practical tips on using a touch of red in your home interior as well as suggestions for using a touch of red in various decorating styles.

In feng shui decorating, red is associated with power, love, inspiration and pleasure. Accent colors, such as red, which are more dramatic, are used in moderation, such as a single piece of art work or furniture. The reason is: the more intense the color, the less of it is needed for it to be effective. Thus, use lighter colors for larger areas with accents in more vibrant, dramatic colors. What an interesting home decorating idea!

A recent home decorating idea in our home became a reality by using the touch of red concept. Window coverings were installed on a series of three windows in the dining area. The coverings consisted of four vertical drapery panels made out of wool tapestry-looking fabric. The background of the fabric is medium tan with subtle red, green and blue flowers. The panels are outlined in a navy/small beige polka-dot fabric. A 6-inch cornice board covered with the same navy fabric completes the look. This window treatment may sound quite busy but is very pleasing to the eye.

To complete the home decorating idea of a touch of red look in the dining area and because the wool fabric is somewhat bulky, red tassel tie backs were added to the panels. In addition to the tassel tie backs, red was incorporated in the large picture on the dining room wall, in the table centerpiece and in a red chair

Nov 02

Disco Decor For All Kinds Of Parties

Just getting a rotating sparkle ball will not make the disco party a hit with the guests. You will have to do up the disco decor better than that. If you want the celebration of the 70s disco era to be a hit make sure that you consider the disco decor completely to insure that you capture the atmosphere of the seventies completely. If you need a reminder of the fashion and attitudes of that era you may want to see some of the films that where popular through the disco era to get some great concepts for the disco party. Guarantee that the visitors that you invite are the kind that can gladly jump into the concept of the celebration, and enjoy themselves.
There exist also a TV show or two on at this time that you can heck out for wardrobe ideas. You may also want to recruit a DJ that has skills in carrying out disco parties to help you with the disco decor and music selections. You will certainly want to break out the old sparkle ball, and possibly some table top disco balls. Some other details that might help you to add to the disco decor would be to colour some old albums in different colors, and hang them around the room. Remember some of the other details that set the disco era apart? How about using some black light, and black light posters to the disco decor they were a must have in the seventies. Another big thing in the 70s was incense burning, if the visitors are grown ups you may want to add some to the ambience of the celebration.
Who may forget the beaded drapes that we all had in our rooms, why not add one of those to

Nov 02

Tips For Hanging And Arranging Wall Art Decor

Create a showcase of warmth and personality to any room by changing your wall decor. Adding an arrangement of framed photographs, mirrors, wall sculptures, and collectibles is an affordable way to transform any room in your home. Here are some tips for arranging and hanging your wall art with confidence.

Arranging Your Art: The goal when arranging wall art is to create a pleasing visual display that showcases it.

* To plan your layout, cut out butcher paper templates the same size and shape as the wall decor you want to hang. Tape them on the wall with masking tape, moving them around to your liking. Mark the positions lightly with a pencil on the wall. You may also arrange your artwork on the floor to your satisfaction before nailing to the wall.

* Group your art according to theme.Create a display by grouping the items by theme repeating colors and styles of the room’s interior.

* Group similar items and create a symmetrical shape. The secret to arranging wall art is to achieve balance. For example, small pictures hung on a large wall can look out of balance and will appear lost in an open sea of space. If you have a larger painting or mirror, it has enough presence to stand alone on a large wall. Symmetry adds balance and is generally very pleasing to the observer.

* If you have to take down your artwork to repaint, take a photograph of your arrangement so you can put it back just the way it was.

Hanging Your Art: Tools you will need are a hammer, level, tape measure, picture hangers or nails.

* You’ve probably always heard that artwork should be hung so that the center point of the picture or grouping is about eye level for the

Nov 01

Interior Decorating And Home Decor With Native American Indian Art

Since there has been a trend in recent years towards more earthy color tones for interior decorating, Native American Indian art can fit in nicely as part of home decor. Most subjects used in Native American Indian art tend to be focused on nature whether the pieces are prints, carvings or pottery. Colors tend to be earthy shades of browns, reds, blacks and yellows since the main raw materials are wood as in carvings from the Pacific Northwest region and clay from the Southwest. Even painted wood carvings or pottery tend to have natural colors often found in nature such as greens and blues. All of these colors work well with the more natural styles of interior decorating today.

The Pacific Northwest region which covers the states of Oregon, Washington, British Columbia (Canada) and the southern part of Alaska, produces some excellent Native American Indian art in the form of wood carvings. This is not surprising since the Pacific Northwest is abundant with forests which have provided the wood as raw material for the regions Native American Indian art. The wood is sometimes painted in striking colors or just stained with natural looking browns. Either way, such pieces fit in perfectly in rooms with earthy color tones. I have seen walls of living rooms, bedrooms, office den rooms, hallways and even bathrooms enhanced with Pacific Northwest Indian art in the form of both prints and wood plaque carvings. The Pacific Northwest Native American artists also make some of the most striking aboriginal masks in the world which are also suitable for hanging on walls.

Native American Indian art as home decor helps bring in an atmosphere of nature in the overall interior decorating of a room. This is because of their natural colors and also their subject matters which tend

Oct 26

Christmas and New Year decor for the office

It is Christmas time. Since, New Year’s around the corner too, each one of us at the office decided to give our office a makeover. Needless to say offices are really boring and therefore, it made a lot of sense to have a new office decor to infuse in a little freshness in our work lives!

New Years are all about newness and freshness. So, all of us decided that we will let go of the old and bring in the new as Christmas and New Year embrace us! We decided to give our office space a brand new look with everything new-from the tables to reception area to washrooms! Here’s how we went about it!it!

We first chose colors for the office. We thought that opting for boring and monotonous colors is the most boring thing we can do! Formal doesn’t mean boring and office certainly doesn’t have to be boring! It is we who need to make our office look interesting yet not frivolous. It should look like a space that can facilitate work. So, all of us thought of glossy paints for our office. We thought that having combination colors on consecutive walls would look great. The colors we chose went totally well with the laminates we installed in our office, so, the whole decor hung together like a piece of art!

The second thing that we did was flipping through the superb composite laminates variety offered by Greenlam to opt for the best quality laminates for our table tops. Each one of us chose our own color for our table top laminates and made sure that we get the color right. We made sure that the colors went well with each other and looked formal enough.

The third thing that we did was to opt for

Oct 25

Traditional To Trendy Indian Home Decor

In recent years, ethnic home decor has become increasingly popular when deciding on a theme for decorating. Among the first of the choices in cultural decor, is Indian home decor.

Indian home decor has become one of the most highly sought after themes, due to the versatility of design, rich color schemes, and the broad spectrum of elements in decor. There are different styles of Indian decor branching from the different regions of India, such as, Western Indian, Eastern Indian and even British Indian decor. British Indian decor usually consists of finely carved ivory, hand-crafted wood furniture, and fine art, balanced tastefully with heavy Victorian style drapery, and Victorian furniture, for a classical, yet ethnic appearance.

Many exporters of ethnic home decor can be located online, and there are many dealers from India. They can provide custom-design wooden furniture from an exotic variety of woods, such as, Shisham, Teak, Mango, and Acacia. Choosing the wood, and design will allow you to personalize your home, as well as give that “special touch” to your Indian home decor. Some accent pieces to consider adding are hand-carved chests, nesting-tables, and folding screens. Certain regions of India carve detailed floral designs into their pieces, and other regions carve elaborate pictures of people, and landscapes, as if to tell a story. These accents will give a wonderful depth to your cultural decor.

Fabrics are a creative option to add color, and texture to your Indian home decor, to really bring your space to life. India has an endless wealth of lush materials to decide from, such as satin, cashmere, and silk. India’s silk is very unique, being of a slightly rougher texture than silks in Asia, which adds a beautiful contrast when next to a sleek satin. Many colorful wall tapestries, pillows, and table-runners can

Oct 24

Handmade Paintings Decor The House With Latest Trend

Everyone of us likes to live in beautifully decorated house. To many of us, it seems a costly affair which essentially needs good investment. it is not so if it is done wisely and interestingly. Nowadays, to decor the house walls with handmade paintings is the latest trend. Many stores online and offline both offer wide array of handmade paintings. Many of the houses do not have enough space on the floors, so such house owners prefer wall decor with paintings. Tanjore paintings and Indian women paintings are good in demand. The principle reasons for their popularity are their international presence and versatile theme that make them a class apart decor product.

Tanjore painting is a classical form of Southern Indian painting. It principally belongs to Thanjavur village located in Tamil Nadu, India. The traces of Tanjore art go back to 1600 AD. It was the time when Tanjavur kings encouraged this beautiful art. The themes of these paintings are of religious nature; so, these have icons, goddesses, Hindu gods or saints. These paintings are available in series also that depict a particular historical incident. However, customization facilities are also available. These paintings are made on the solid wood plank that is covered with cotton cloth. These are further decorated with semi precious pearls. These stones are used to create special effects also. These are versatile to decor; hence, can be used as anytime gift also.

Other high craze for handmade painting is for Indian women paintings. This painting is done with pigments bound with drying oil. The presence of these painting in office, waiting lounges and homes reflects perfect blend of religious and decoration senses. Irrespective to social or occupational status, women in these paintings are depicted as the objects of veneration. Paintings depicting women with simplicity

Oct 24

Bring Your Walls Alive With Modern Wall Decor

When you want to bring out the designer inside you then the best place to show your talent is the wall of your house. Bring out the artist inside you and show your style on the walls. Use them as your canvas and bring them alive by enchanting them with your style spell. Every year you get the walls of your house painted so that they appear more cheerful and bright. But after a few months your eyes get accustomed to those colors and they began to appear dull and lifeless. But with the modern wall decor products you can now design them in your style and you can change their decor whenever you want to.

The modern wall art and decor encloses a variety of products like wall hangings, murals, shelves, letters, decorative stickers and many more. With so many options in your hand you can decorate your walls in the most extravagant way. You can follow the trend of the modern art and decor design which uses a combination of all these products. You can create your own unique designs and can use these products in numerous ways to build beautiful patterns. You can select these products from a wide range of collections available in the home decor stores.

The modern wall art consists of some amazing ideas and by using these ideas you can bring your walls back to life. The wall murals are one such example which strongly reflect the concept of decorating your walls with specific art. These murals come in attractive pictures and truly amazing designs. You can use them to decorate your kids room. You can also design your kids room with specific themes by using these murals. Another good option for the walls are the decorative stickers. These stickers are made up

Oct 23

Great Accent Lighting Ideas For Your Backyard

If you want to make your yard the envy of all your neighbors, one essential thing that you will need to do is install accent lighting on your landscape. Accent lights are an essential part of any landscape lighting plan and will complement and functional lights that you have installed around your paths, front porch, deck, or patio. Here are a few great ideas that you can use for adding some great accent lighting to your landscape.

If you have a tall object on your landscape like a tree or shrub, they usually look great with a small set of low powered spotlights providing up lighting. Since youre used to seeing the tree lit from the top down from the sun during the day, lighting it from the bottom up provides a new exciting viewing angle as well as making it look bigger against the night sky. If the up lighting doesnt work as good as you hoped, you can also try to backlight these fixtures to create an imposing silhouette.

If you plan on lighting smaller features like a flowerbed, a set of smaller posts providing down lighting tends to work very well. If you really want to make your lights look great, try installing various different types and colors of light bulbs to really make the colors of your flowers pop. Some flowers have even evolved to look great under UV and blacklights so try experimenting with these types of lights as well!

Dont forget about lighting up walls and fences either. You have several different options for lighting up these areas. If they have some interesting texture to them, a cross light placed right at the side of the wall. This will help make the texture pop out at night because it exaggerates the shadows.


Oct 22

Glass Doors For Exterior Home Decor

Glass doors are the perfect replacement for the exterior home decor. We need to take care of several options to be considered when it comes to the exterior home decor. Before you opt for reconstructing or restructure of the exterior home decor with the glass door you need to do a proper researching about all the types of the glass doors its advantages and the disadvantages, materials.

PVCu are considered to be the most popular choices when it comes for the replacement for the home doors. Because it reduces many things like maintenance and improve efficiency. When you install glass door as your home door, you will improve and cut down on heat loss. This means your central heating system will be much more effective. And also it will affect your cooling systems.

Glass door for exterior home decor are very strong and you can rest sure that once the doors are shut properly you will not be affected by rain or snow. These doors are much better than timber doors for keeping the weather firmly out. Like double glazed replacement home glass doors have a lock tight mechanism that forms a tight seal which will last for decades. This can reduce the traffic noise.

Another major advantage of PVCu exterior home glass doors is that they have very secure locking mechanisms. With doors, twisting the handle helps to secure the lock in place. Many glass doors have security as well as good comfort. Many companies have made glass doors in such a way that you can easily rotate them and move according to your convenience.

With security, style, comfort and savings on heating bills, it makes sense to consider glass doors when starting a home improvement project. These will enhance the visual appeal of your home and

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