5 Cool Wifi Accessories You May Not Know About

5 Cool Wifi Accessories You May Not Know About


The world is getting smart and more connected by the minute.

With a smarter world comes more control over things in our everyday life.

Who doesn’t want control over their life?

With that said, below we have a list of 5 devices that you may not know have smart options.

  1. Wifi Space heater.

There are not a lot of wifi space heaters around and they are still in their infancy.

Although there are a few issues with some of the apps related to these, things will only progress.

These are great if you are someone who loves to save money from unwanted energy use.

Turn your smart heater on or off from anywhere with your mobile device.

Great for pre-heating your living room before you come home, or perhaps your bedroom before you go to bed.

Or perhaps a family member has forgotten to turn the device off after they left.

No more rushing home or huge electricity bills.

Look for more wifi space heater options in the future as more companies jump on the smart train.

Wifi Space heater
Wifi Space heater


Wifi Coffee Maker

Who doesn’t like their morning coffee?! Well, actually, I don’t (an addiction I don’t need!) but I am certainly in the minority.

Drinking coffee is a habit for most, so why not automate your habit. Time is precious.

There a number of wifi coffee machines available on the market today which will help make your morning or afternoon routine more streamlined?

Wifi Coffee Maker
Wifi Coffee Maker

Wifi Dishwasher

 “Hey Alexa, can you do my dishes?”

Who doesn’t like the sound of that? With a wifi dishwasher you can monitor the timing of the wash, check for any issues and see if you are running low on detergent.

Not a huge amount of usefulness there, but the handy thing, when linked with Alex, it can track how many dish pods you use and order automatically when you are running low. Automation is good.

Wifi Ceiling fan

 If you are wanting to save on your heating and cooling bills, a wifi ceiling fan is a great option.

Used in tandem with an AC unit or heat pump, you can save money by 1, optimizing your heating and cooling for only the times you need it and 2. Using a ceiling fan to help distribute airflow.

Control lighting and other features all from your mobile.

Wifi Ceiling fan
Wifi Ceiling fan

Wifi Bathroom Exhaust Speaker Fan

There is nothing more relaxing than chilling out in the bath listening to a bit of music.

You definitely need a high quality bathroom fan in your bathroom regardless so why not integrate with a speaker system suited for a steamy environment!

Given that bathrooms have fairly limited space, you don’t want to clutter it with speakers you want a seamless integration.

A wifi Bathroom speaker kills 3 birds with one stone (or fan).

Control your music, lights and other functions of your bathroom fan from your mobile or other WiFi device.

Automating routine tasks and making your life more convenient is a no brainer in today’s world where time is the most precious commodity.

With the use of tools like Alexa and google home, it won’t be long until you will be able to control all home appliances from your mobile enabling you to have an energy and time efficient home.

Wifi Bathroom Exhaust Speaker Fan
Wifi Bathroom Exhaust Speaker Fan

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