Oct 07

Are You In Search Of Victorian & French Decor

I’ll be the first one to say it – everyone has their very own style when it comes to decorating their house. Some people like traditional or contemporary, or cottage or country French. Others like French and Victorian style. The types of decorations that you would see back when puffy dresses and massive glass chandeliers were really the norm. I actually did a search for this type of decor and its called many different things but three of the tops were French, Victorian and Romantic home decor.

Whatever you call it personally, if you like this type of style, then chances are you either have it in your home already or you are looking for more additions. Well lucky for you I happen to find a few websites online that offer these styles and the products are amazing! Listed below are a few of the items you could look for on these types of sites. One thing you should think about is looking on your favorite search engine!

Wreaths Magnifique –
“The Boudoir”
“The King and Queen of France”

Luxe Lighting –
Antique French Chandelier
Vintage Yellow Rose Capodimonte Chandelier

Fantasques Tresors –
Sweet White “Marie” Birdie
Aqua Lollipop Cake Trinket Box
Cupcake Fairy Wall Hanging

Francais Apothecary –
French Apothecary Jar
#M6 “Miracles” French Apothecary Bottle
#LSS1 “Lilac Skin Soap” Apothecary Bottle
#F1 “Cherubs” French Apothecary Bottle

This isn’t really even my style, but I found a lot of items that I thought were rather appealing. One of my favorites was the Vintage Yellow Rose Capodimonte Chandelier and the #WT1 Marie’s Sucre Candi Tussie Mussie. The yellow rose chandelier – was found at an Estate sale. The finder of the chandelier ended up cleaning away the paints and found the yellow roses below. This is truly a vintage piece. Definitely something that someone would really enjoy having in their home, especially with the story behind it!

Whereas the Tussie Mussie was actually found under the Patisserie section. These are faux sweets and cakes. The Tussie Mussie option was one of the “sweetest” looking products on the site. A beautiful vintage lace Tussie Mussie is adorned with trims, 1800s crystals, a beautiful brooch (which can be removed and worn), filled with stunning pastel faux sweets, feathers and glitter and the bottom is tied with a beautiful bow and dangling bead work.

Large, stunning and lovely. Completely adorned with soft pink glitter. Perfect for your romantic home or cottage decor. Very pretty, pretty enough to almost eat! Who knows what you may find on sites such as these – you may just end up buying up the entire shop!


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