Jul 12

Characteristics of Tuscany Kitchen Decor

Italian style home setting is ever increasing when a Tuscany kitchen decor is called for. When deciding on a home decor, one needs to consider various factors, to include blending the interior with the exterior and added attention to detail. The Italians are very cognizant of their traditions and their past. You can see that in a Tuscany kitchen decor. Try to incorporate that in your style.

Tuscany kitchen decor includes…

Earthen colored environment blending the interior with the exterior. Earthy colors like beige intertwined with bolder colors such as turquoise, green and reds. Garden windows bring in the garden from the outside. Fresh herbs can be used in cooking your famous bowl of spaghetti. Ceramics line kitchen racks. Spices stored in ceramic bottles contribute to longer lasting spices. Hand embroidered table linen gracing kitchen tables. Usually the color white with matching napkins. Napkin rings are also a must. Freshly picked and brightly colored flowers simply placed on kitchen tables and throughout the kitchen. Light dictates color and think warm, glowing hues in your home decor. The immediate surroundings of your home should flow into your kitchen with the door held wide open.

A well thought out landscaping theme will enhance the Tuscany kitchen decor, thus blending the interior with the exterior. By mixing an old Italian built dining room table with new cabinetry or using modern art placed tastefully above an antique chest, the feel of a Tuscany kitchen decor is created. Fresh cut flowers and ivy looking plants cascading over the cupboards brings the charm of the outdoors into the kitchen designed to invite family gatherings.

This style is easy to achieve if you remember to blend the past with the present. Research the Italian culture. Learn their strengths and incorporate them into your decorating scheme.

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