Oct 26

Christmas and New Year decor for the office

It is Christmas time. Since, New Year’s around the corner too, each one of us at the office decided to give our office a makeover. Needless to say offices are really boring and therefore, it made a lot of sense to have a new office decor to infuse in a little freshness in our work lives!

New Years are all about newness and freshness. So, all of us decided that we will let go of the old and bring in the new as Christmas and New Year embrace us! We decided to give our office space a brand new look with everything new-from the tables to reception area to washrooms! Here’s how we went about it!it!

We first chose colors for the office. We thought that opting for boring and monotonous colors is the most boring thing we can do! Formal doesn’t mean boring and office certainly doesn’t have to be boring! It is we who need to make our office look interesting yet not frivolous. It should look like a space that can facilitate work. So, all of us thought of glossy paints for our office. We thought that having combination colors on consecutive walls would look great. The colors we chose went totally well with the laminates we installed in our office, so, the whole decor hung together like a piece of art!

The second thing that we did was flipping through the superb composite laminates variety offered by Greenlam to opt for the best quality laminates for our table tops. Each one of us chose our own color for our table top laminates and made sure that we get the color right. We made sure that the colors went well with each other and looked formal enough.

The third thing that we did was to opt for nice laminates for the doors. Yes, doors! We didn’t want our office doors to look so boring. And by doors, we meant doors even in the washroom area! We opted for the best of doors from the laminates catalogue offered by Greenlam and opted for the best option for our office and changed the look of the space totally.

We went ourselves to buy some great wall art for our office and ensure that we got exquisite wall art for each bay. We shopped for accessories too for reception and all other areas. Different kinds of lights for each area were chosen by us!


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