Oct 08

Convincing A Landlord To Let You Paint Or Decorate

Photographs for New Renters

If your tastes are relatively neutral and your decorating ideas are classy, you may be able to convince your landlord to decorate in exchange for photographs. Your landlord can use these photographs for internet sites geared towards attracting new renters, which may help draw in additional new business and make both you and your landlord happy.

If anything, simple, neutral colored curtains and a warm neutral wall color, can make a world of difference in even the most sterile-looking of apartments. Plus, they can make existing bedroom designs and living room designs feel more warm and cozy, more homey, and everyone deserves a nice place to kick back at the end of the day!

Cover the Costs

No landlord is willing to pay to repaint your apartment, especially if youre looking to paint it a color of your choice, such as gray or beige. That being said, let your landlord know that any decorating ideas and painting that youll be doing, youll be paying for.

If thats not enough to convince your landlord, be sure to also mention that you will also pay to have the apartment returned to its original state (white paint, repaired holes and all) when your lease ends and you intend to vacate the property.

Knowing that they wont have to shell out a dime can really help sell the idea of doing a little mild redecorating and incorporating your own interior design style in an apartment space.

Have a Detailed Plan

Before approaching your landlord with any ideas, have a detailed plan. Bring paint chips, fabric samples if you plan to hang curtains and so forth.

Be versatile with your options, present several different paint colors so that your landlord feels they still have some say in their property. Dont be disappointed if they veto your dark forest green hue, but instead opt to show them lighter versions. Having multiple options available will help make it easier for you to compromise while still helping you achieve and complete your decorating ideas.

Cost of Minor Decorating Versus Vacancy

If you havent moved in yet, you may want to ask your potential landlord to weigh the pros and cons of having you paint versus having the apartment sit vacant for who knows how long. In some instances, the prospect of having no income is more woeful than putting up a little bit of paint.

Having an apartment isnt necessarily a death sentence for your decorating ideas. If youre willing to do a little work, it is possible to convince your landlord to allow to you add a little flair to your space through paint, wall decor or curtains.


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