Jun 30

Country Apple Kitchen Decor Great Idea For Any Kitchen

The kitchen is the focal point of many homes. Today, new homes are being built with open and inviting floor plans that include a kitchen that is open to the dining area as well as the family room area. Because of this, more and more people are paying attention to their kitchens and trying to bring a fun and inviting theme to their kitchen space. A country apple kitchen decor is a great idea for any kitchen.

How to Implement It

If you want to use country apple kitchen decor in your kitchen, there are a few right ways to implement it and a few wrong ways. First, never overwhelm your kitchen with your theme. Whether you are doing a green apple kitchen decor or a red country apple kitchen decor, you should never overwhelm the space with too much of any one theme or idea.

This means that your kitchen walls should not be covered in apple wall paper. Instead, try something simpler like an apple themed boarder around the middle or top of the room. If you do not like wall paper at all and want a more modern country apple kitchen decor concept, try painting your walls in a nice apple red.

This works especially well if you have limited wall space on most walls and one large open wall. That way the color does not overwhelm either. Another great way to implement your country apple kitchen decor is to put small, unique country apple pieces in the space. You could hang a shelf on the wall and put some interesting apple items like a golden apple or a bronze apple or a set of metal apples.

You could also get apple themed wash cloths and drying cloths to hang on the stove. In addition, a great small rug to go in front of the sink or the dishwasher could follow along with your country apple kitchen decor.

Final Ideas

Simplicity is best when going for a theme like a country apple kitchen. The decor should be moderate and interesting to highlight your ideas, but not so overwhelming to make it seem ridiculous.

Look at a local antique store for some cheap buys to put in your kitchen, and look at department stores or online for some more modern touches for your country apple kitchen decor. If you still find that you need help, look in some kitchen decor magazines to see how the professionals implement a country apple kitchen decor.


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