Jul 15

Decorate Your Home With Stone Veneer And Faux Stone Siding

Stones have always been a preferred choice for building material as they allow a wide variety of styles that can be experimented with in order to provide a novel yet elegant appearance to the exteriors of a house or any other premise. Not only Stone facing the exteriors, people do install Ledge stone, stone Veneer, faux stone, manufactured stone and different kinds of artificial stones to create a unique Interior Designs. All these types have their special characteristics which help in enhancing the beauty of a place. Though they are not natural stones, but they completely resemble them and are therefore used to create a stone finish.

Stone Veneer, Ledge Stone and Faux Stone Siding are the topmost choice of people when it comes to building a house, re-modeling it or carrying out stone refacing. These material forms offer the advantage of being light weight, east to handle and install along with helping one to save a lot of money as these manufactured stones are available at lower prices than natural stones. Another plus point of using a manufactured stone for home decoration is the options that it offers in terms of shapes, designs, colors and size. Depending upon the individual choice, one can decide and select the types of Stone Veneer or Faux Stone and install it at the desired location, whether inside or outside the house.

The popularity of a Stone Veneer can be ascertained from the fact that they are being widely used as part of home improvement by people. Unlike Natural stone, Stone veneer is available in multiple designs and colors providing enough options to home owners to select the one that suits their taste and liking. Similar is the case with Ledge Stone which is made from different materials and therefore can impart varied looks. Both Ledge stone and Stone Veneer are made from natural stones, this calls for their high resemblance so much so that it is hard to distinguish between Ledge stone wall and a natural stone wall.

Faux Stone Siding is another inexpensive way by means of which home owners get a natural stone look for the exteriors. Faux Stone is different from Stone Veneer as it is made from concrete to which pigments are added to make it look like real. The biggest advantage of faux stone is that one can find a huge variety of colors in it which is not found in any other type of artificial stone. So it allows the liberty of choosing one”s favorite colors.

So now people can stylize their homes in varied ways by using manufactured or artificial stones. Browse through www.infinitystoneexteriors.com for more info.


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