Oct 02

Decorating With Gothic Furniture

There are several factors involved in balance, when decorating with gothic furniture, but the one we will discuss today is making sure you have a balance of “hot” and “cold”. Many times when dealing with industrial furniture, you are going to have an imbalance of cold. It is true that most gothic home decor is made of stone, and much industrial home decor is made of stone, and these are very cold materials to work with. To balance this out, you will need to pepper your dwelling with very warm colors, such as reds. If you want a bright and fun contrast, you will want to use brighter reds, but you will not find this to be very soothing. Your better choice would be to use the autumn family of reds, like maroon or crimson. There is always more on decorating with Gothic Industrial Style.

Frankly, there are too many other opportunities to employ brown; wood furniture, leather, quite often the carpet, baseboards and chair rails, and it’s therefore a color that will usually take care of itself. Brown will happen on it’s own, especially when you begin utilizing?’natural’ items that provide an inherent opposition to ‘man made’ materials- which is a separate ‘balance’ we will discuss in a future post.

At any rate, back to the bedspread. As a result of this one single piece. due to the overabundant grays and blues, the brown of my bedspread lost it’s warmth. Inevitably, the subconscious mind views brown as ‘earth’. One also needs to remember, that brown is created by mixing blue and red. If you accent it with too much red, your room will come off too ‘hot’. In my instance, accented with blues and grays, it indeed felt like earth. and perhaps more accurately, a feeling of depressing, cold, hard ‘dirt’. Combined with a chaotic paisley pattern and being birthed of very unnatural polyester and acrylic materials, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to know why I felt very uncomfortable in my own dwelling.

Once I realized this, it was then that I had my first decorating epiphany. With one simple purchase, I replaced my horrifying bedspread and replaced it with a nice, soft, fluffy, cottony, navy & maroon comforter. and let out an instantaneous “sigh”.

The materials were improved, soothingly natural, and the color balance was now a perfect mixture of “hot” and “cold”. leaving me to finally feel comfortable in my own bedroom. When I threw in some maroon and navy throw pillows and a few more accents across the room, the picture was complete. Voila. Comfort.

When and if you become serious about decorating, or when you begin to grow tired of always feeling discombobulated in your own house. remember, “balance”. And the first place to start is finding that balance between hot and cold. No one likes hot. No one likes cold. They like warmth. A cool breeze on a nice sunny Summer day.


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