Nov 02

Disco Decor For All Kinds Of Parties

Just getting a rotating sparkle ball will not make the disco party a hit with the guests. You will have to do up the disco decor better than that. If you want the celebration of the 70s disco era to be a hit make sure that you consider the disco decor completely to insure that you capture the atmosphere of the seventies completely. If you need a reminder of the fashion and attitudes of that era you may want to see some of the films that where popular through the disco era to get some great concepts for the disco party. Guarantee that the visitors that you invite are the kind that can gladly jump into the concept of the celebration, and enjoy themselves.
There exist also a TV show or two on at this time that you can heck out for wardrobe ideas. You may also want to recruit a DJ that has skills in carrying out disco parties to help you with the disco decor and music selections. You will certainly want to break out the old sparkle ball, and possibly some table top disco balls. Some other details that might help you to add to the disco decor would be to colour some old albums in different colors, and hang them around the room. Remember some of the other details that set the disco era apart? How about using some black light, and black light posters to the disco decor they were a must have in the seventies. Another big thing in the 70s was incense burning, if the visitors are grown ups you may want to add some to the ambience of the celebration.
Who may forget the beaded drapes that we all had in our rooms, why not add one of those to the disco decor? As far as dressing you will have to bring out the old platform shoes, and soft silk shirts so that you can look like you just jumped out of a scene from a seventies movie. You may want to have the guests and yourself brush up on those old seventies dances prior to the big bash so that you can all dance the night away. You can do the bump, the hustle, and the Latin hustle simply to throw out a few of the oldies but goodies. If you have energy for other activities after all the dancing you may have a pet rock decorating contest, remember these? You may also want to see who can make the very best looking tie dyed t-shirt.


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