May 26

Early Americana Home Decor Tips

When one thinks of early Americana home decor, visions of Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, and Cape Cod, come to mind. One can even visualize beautiful two and three story historical colonial homes filled with gorgeous and expensive antiques. This look seems to dominate the senses; however, a true interior of an early Americana home tends to be a little more rustic. The rule of thumb of early Americana home decor was practically.

Many people have a great interest to wanting to give their own homes a sort of historical pride when decorating their home in an early Americana home decor. Keep in mind that not every piece of furniture needs to match and be color coordinate. When giving your home an Early Americana Home Decor look, try to keep things simple and functional for you and your home. The main things to consider are furniture, color, floors, and walls

When looking for furniture, think simple, practical, and long wearing. Examples of practical pieces include having good solid tables, chairs, chest of drawers, and beds. Try to go for long and hard wearing, instead of pretty and delicate. Furniture in this period did not lean to the fanciful and ornate. You might say the pieces were rather plain Jane in appearance. Many pieces used in early Americana homes, leaned more on the practical side as opposed to what looks good. Early Americana furnishings were chosen to last a long time. There was also the satisfaction to be able to pass these treasures on to future generations to love and admire.

Using chairs from period can further your early Americana decor in your home. Do not think you need to attend every garage sale and estate sale in New England and take out a personal loan to decorate your home. There are places where you can buy good quality period reproductions, which will work just as well as an authentic period piece.

Think more of lines of dark red, and the different hues of yellow, and green. Earth tones are also a very popular theme in early Americana home decor. The choices are limitless. You can go from the darkest of wood to the lighter shades of honey wheat. Experiment and mix and match colors. The goal is to try to bring a little of nature inside.

Natural hardwood floors are best, no carpet to cover up the natural beauty of the wood. The choices here are up to you. You can choose from simple pine to beautiful oak. Throw rugs can be used to give your home a feel of an Early Americana home. Use natural fibers such as hemp and jute, which will match the colors you have chosen earlier.

The colors of the walls in an early Americana home tend to be on the plain side. The colors usually consisted of white, and off white. Adding accents such as brick, and wooden beams will bring out the feel of what you are trying to create.


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