Oct 23

Great Accent Lighting Ideas For Your Backyard

If you want to make your yard the envy of all your neighbors, one essential thing that you will need to do is install accent lighting on your landscape. Accent lights are an essential part of any landscape lighting plan and will complement and functional lights that you have installed around your paths, front porch, deck, or patio. Here are a few great ideas that you can use for adding some great accent lighting to your landscape.

If you have a tall object on your landscape like a tree or shrub, they usually look great with a small set of low powered spotlights providing up lighting. Since youre used to seeing the tree lit from the top down from the sun during the day, lighting it from the bottom up provides a new exciting viewing angle as well as making it look bigger against the night sky. If the up lighting doesnt work as good as you hoped, you can also try to backlight these fixtures to create an imposing silhouette.

If you plan on lighting smaller features like a flowerbed, a set of smaller posts providing down lighting tends to work very well. If you really want to make your lights look great, try installing various different types and colors of light bulbs to really make the colors of your flowers pop. Some flowers have even evolved to look great under UV and blacklights so try experimenting with these types of lights as well!

Dont forget about lighting up walls and fences either. You have several different options for lighting up these areas. If they have some interesting texture to them, a cross light placed right at the side of the wall. This will help make the texture pop out at night because it exaggerates the shadows.

If your wall is just plain, never fear, you still have some other options. The easiest is creating shadows on your wall. To do this, you should have a flower, statue, or some other interesting looking fixture in front of the wall. Shine a spotlight right on the object, which will throw a shadow of it up on your wall. Depending on the object, this can create a really interesting effect.


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