Oct 24

Handmade Paintings Decor The House With Latest Trend

Everyone of us likes to live in beautifully decorated house. To many of us, it seems a costly affair which essentially needs good investment. it is not so if it is done wisely and interestingly. Nowadays, to decor the house walls with handmade paintings is the latest trend. Many stores online and offline both offer wide array of handmade paintings. Many of the houses do not have enough space on the floors, so such house owners prefer wall decor with paintings. Tanjore paintings and Indian women paintings are good in demand. The principle reasons for their popularity are their international presence and versatile theme that make them a class apart decor product.

Tanjore painting is a classical form of Southern Indian painting. It principally belongs to Thanjavur village located in Tamil Nadu, India. The traces of Tanjore art go back to 1600 AD. It was the time when Tanjavur kings encouraged this beautiful art. The themes of these paintings are of religious nature; so, these have icons, goddesses, Hindu gods or saints. These paintings are available in series also that depict a particular historical incident. However, customization facilities are also available. These paintings are made on the solid wood plank that is covered with cotton cloth. These are further decorated with semi precious pearls. These stones are used to create special effects also. These are versatile to decor; hence, can be used as anytime gift also.

Other high craze for handmade painting is for Indian women paintings. This painting is done with pigments bound with drying oil. The presence of these painting in office, waiting lounges and homes reflects perfect blend of religious and decoration senses. Irrespective to social or occupational status, women in these paintings are depicted as the objects of veneration. Paintings depicting women with simplicity over rural background are also in good demand.

Handmade paintings are available in wider range of sizes. Many leading stores offer customization facility also to prepare the painting of specific size and color combinations. If sourced from prominent art gallery, these paintings last long without giving you any feel of ageing effects.


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