Oct 03


Home decor is very important for joy price and happening in life. It is said a home speaks about a man without words. The moment one enters a house he can jolly well make out the taste of the people living there , their likes dislikes , their social and financial starting . Not only this you can make out what type of thinking person living in the house have , So he have to be extra careful about the dcor of our home .It consists of furniture , Painting , the colors of wall synchronizing with the furniture .

Sometimes we have very simple walls you can liven it up by paintings wall hanging liven by some carpets. A white color sofa set is very boring unless it is liven up by beautifully embroidered cushion covers lively ethnic painting, which become attraction of every body’s eyes. If it is further embellished by colorful carpet, then the white sofa is an ideal background for catchy designs. The white walls can have ethnic painting by Madhubani artists , or Rajasthani paintings or even a bright colors big cushion cover can adores the wall . See the moment one enters you house, they will catch the riot of gorgeous colors and lively hues. But one thing is very important that every object needs to be placed at the right place, your home should not be a museum of multi colors .

The colors need to be balanced, sometimes contrasted, sometimes in synchronization with the help of curtains and cushions etc. In a dark room with dull dcor even a bright colored runner on the table is enough to brighten up, or a bright lamp shade balanced even a beautifully & brightly embroidered thrown carelessly on the sofa will brighten the whole atmosphere should be careful is putting and selecting in a balanced manner. They are good only when placed at a proper place with proper lighting effect.

Hand made home dcor defines a personality so be careful while doing up your home. Walls and basic structure of the building you cannot change but home dcor you can. Change it to reflect your taste, your status and above all your personality. Don’t be careless that people come to me not my home.

True but what type of person you are will be defined by your home decor


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