Jul 26

How Safe Is The Electrical In Your Home A Diy Inspection

Exactly how Safe Is the Electrical In Your Home – A DIY Inspection

The following is going to be a super easy guild for you to quickly assess if you have any points that may require instant attention. This is in no way intended as a replacement for an inspection by a licensed home inspector or an electrician.

You wont require any tools to this quick walk around inspection

Issues to look out for.

Do your outlets have grounds. If you look at the power outlet which you plug your appliances into and you only have two slots for each plug, then there is a good chance you dont have a ground wire guarding the outlet.

There are a couple of way of adding protection to the ungrounded circuit. The very best and costliest way would be to rewire the circuit completely. An additional much less pricey option would be to protect the circuit with a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) breaker.

Do you have outlets close to the sinks? In many areas there are rules on how far power outlets may be to the sink. What was once considered acceptable is not seen as dangerous. The dangers of electricity are multiplied when water is involved. If you have outlet in a kitchen or bathroom close to the sink you should get an electrician to change them for GFCIs

Do you have hard-wired smoke detectors? Hard-wired and interlinked smoke detectors do not cost much more than a normal battery one, but with the interlink you will hear it all over your house. This could save you life if there’s a fire in another part of your home you’re unaware of. I would highly recommend installing hard-wired smoke detectors on every floor of your house

Do you have an under rated service? Take a look at you electrical panel or breaker box. There will be a main breaker most likely at the top. On the leaver of the breaker will be the apm rating of the panel. If you have a 60 or 70 amp panel you might be uninsured! Modern houses are supplied with 100 or 200 amps service and panels and most insurance companies will not insure a house if it has less than 100 amps. If your panel is less than 100 amps you should call a licensed electrician who has experience with upgrading service and get a quote to upgrade.

Along with the undersized service you’ll probably have old circuit breakers protecting your home. Circuit breakers only have a like of approximately 15 years, after this the level of protection diminishes significantly.


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