Feb 22

Indians Started Southwestern Bedspreads For Rustic Decor

Did you know it is easy to use southwest bedding to bring a flavor of rustic style into your home? To set the tone of your room use comforters, bedspreads, blankets and throws around your house. The rustic flare they create is a look that you will love.

A few years ago, I was interested in finding an economical way to decorate a room to give it taste of the old southwest. I came across some southwest blankets at a discount linen store and decided to add them as part of my decor. I loved how they looked so much that I used them in almost every room of my home. They give it that chic, western style you see in designer magazines.

Because I use southwest blankets and throws everyday in our home along with southwestern bedspreads, I became intrigued by the story behind Indian blankets and studied their origin. The more I read, the more interested I found myself in the story.

I never realized that although very popular today among interior designers and in modern style homes, southwest bedding for use in rustic home decor actually emerged in the early 1900’s, when Indian trade blankets were put on the market.

Most people think that the blankets and throws they commonly use for southwest bedding were originally made by Native American Indians. I also believed that, until I started digging deeper into the origin of these southwestern style blankets. I found that, although Native Americans were the prime inspiration for the Indian designs and production of trade blankets, they were not the ones who made them.

In fact, southwestern blankets, were originally made by machines, and produced by large weaving companies to supply the Indians with needed blankets. These trade blankets were originally supplied to the western frontier trading posts where the Natives bought and traded for them. They would use them to wrap up in because they didn’t have a modern coat or jacket.

As women became more interested in interior design in the early 1900’s, southwest decor and western designs rose in popularity. These “Indian blankets” were sought after by people across the country who used them for southwest bedding. Today, southwest bedspreads still make great decorative couch or chair covers to accent rustic home decor.

The Indian trade blankets were a perfect fit for people needing to cover exposed legs in a wagon, sleigh or buggy, and in the new horseless carriage. Later, they were popular as throws for outdoor activities like camping, canoeing and a new thing called motoring.

Now days, you can easily buy southwest bedspreads. Use them as not only a bed spread, but you can also use them as a blanket or couch throw to add rustic character.

If you like southwest, western and American Indian culture and are looking for a great way to add style to your rustic home decor, then you will really enjoy decorating with southwest bedding.


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