Jun 27

Nautical Ship Wheels Essentials Of Modern Age Coastal Decor

Ship wheels are being used since centuries for changing the course of moving ships. With the changing time and arrival of new technologies, it also went through massive transformation. Though ships have become much advanced nowadays and these need lesser mechanical control but even then ship wheel is essential part of helm. Besides their practical use, these are used commonly for nautical home decor. The craze of using nautical ship wheels in the rooms, corridors, gardens and offices is on continuous rise. Even the communities living far from coastal areas and are less familiar with marine life are also using these ship wheels as nautical wall decor. If you want to add antique touch to existing decoration, focus your search over wooden ship wheels category. Whatsoever option we chose, stores have variety in stock. It is must to optimize the search step by step because every option has its own characteristics. Number of spokes, metal, combination of metal, size and combination of some utility item etc are primary selection parameters. Quality of wood and craftsmanship are the other two major factors that affect the cost. Following are some popular variants of nautical ship wheels that may make your selection better optimized. Solid Wood Captain Ship wheel with Brass inlay is the perfect choice if you want to cover wider wall space. This beautiful wooden ship wheel made of Sheesham Wood has ten spokes. A 5 inch brass hub at the centre makes it a perfect decor item. Black Pirate Captain Shipwheel With Chrome, having six spokes is another good option to have a look upon. It is perfect fit for the lobbies and small sized drawing rooms. If you have visited leading online home nautical decor stores already, you would have come across Yellow Welcome Aboard Wood Captain Ship wheel. This wooden ship wheel comes in yellow body color with ” Welcome Aboard” imprinted in black color. Shabby White Shipwheel with eight spokes comes in off-white shade with aged look. Though nautical ship wheels are available in metal also but wooden ship wheels with or without brass/silver ascents at the center are more popular because these make the overall wall decor more natural. The shipwheels need no introduction to the visitors even to those who are not familiar with nautical activities. Generally, ship wheels are designed with brown with traces of black, tan, white, dark brown or gray color; therefore most these coordinate with any existing decoration.

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