Oct 21

Cushion Covers – A Glamorous Way To Dcor Home

In this contemporary era, as glamour plays a significant character, the like of the public has changed to more fancy and shimmering things to decorate their home. In today’s world, everyone wants to give a trendy touch to their home.

In India, cushion covers, a significant constituent of wonderful home furnishings are synonyms of comfort and elegance. Cushion covers are amongst the few and ancient furnishing accessories that are very much in demand nowadays and have the capability to enliven even the dullest of living rooms. They give a pleasant look to our cushions. Cushion cover makers are sparing no effort in wooing customers with an ever-growing variety.

By using assorted types of cushion covers, we can give various type of atmosphere to our rooms. The different fabrics used for cushion covers include cotton, linen, silk, viscose, jute, rayon, organza, tissue, velvet, cotton, polyester, wool and much more. Each fabric has its own advantages. Cushion covers made up of velvet or silk gives a luxury look and a touch of class.

Cushion covers, typically of silk, are an important element of exquisite home decorations and are renowned for their softness, elegant and rich comfortable feel. In cooler climes, woollen cushion covers give some warmth while using. The design and print on the cushion covers makes them special whatever may be the type of material. Polyester, Designer, embroidered, patchwork and painted cushion covers are available in a wide range. Bold and bright prints will always look good on cushion covers made of cotton. Similarly, sober colors will look especially good on velvet cushion covers. Embroidery work on them is another thing that can further enhance their appeal, whatever may be the fabric.

The popularity of cushion covers is no longer limited to the living room. They can be found in other

Oct 19

Lighthouse Themed Decor

If you love the romanticism of a lighthouse, you might want to use a lighthouse theme to decorate part of your home. With many lighthouse-themed items available, you can turn a bedroom, den, or bathroom into your own shoreline. Of course, pictures are always handy but you can find even more unique items such as jewelry boxes and miniature models.

Using several different types of lighthouse items, you will create a full experience rather than just a single focal point on a picture. Using a three-dimensional lighthouse plaque can had depth and texture to an otherwise bland wall. Even the coloring of the items can be useful. Instead of choosing the traditional red and white, you choose a color that blends in with colors of your choice.

You can add even more creativity by including items related to lighthouses. If you are decorating a bathroom, the soap dish could be in the shape of a rowboat. Lotion dispensers can also reflect theme as well as toothbrush holders and other items. Instead of a traditional picture, you can mount a piece of stained glass decorated with the lighthouse theme as if it were a picture.

Other rooms can also incorporate the theme. The bedroom can make use of bedding with the lighthouse and shoreline theme. A beautiful clock with a picture or a sculpture can accent the wall. Many shoreline items such as shells, boats, and nets could also serve as accents in the bedroom. One shelf I have seen is enclosed in the shape or a rowboat standing on end. With this cute shelf, you can set lighthouse shaped candles and other trinkets out to help carry the theme. A fishing net would fit the theme as it is draped above the bed.

If you want to share your passion

Oct 17

Choosing the Right Lighting for Your Home Decor

Lighting has a unique place in every home and is an intricate part of design detail. The many finishes, designs, and shades are what make choosing the appropriate lighting fixture for any home dcor a daunting task.

Rich finishes give the fixture a unique depth. Bushed nickel, chrome, and metallic will transform any contemporary design. For the tropical feel of a beach home or island look, let the rattan, cork, reed, bamboo or wicker finishes accentuate the space. Antique Brass, Metallic Bronze, Dark Graphite and Oil Rubbed Bronze finishes can complete your Art Deco or Antique look. The finishes are definitely not boring or plain.

The design or shape of a light fixture will really set off a room as well. Urn shaped bases with contours and elegantly turned frames make for a traditionally formal or comfortably casual motif. Industrial lines, sculptural and square-tube construction, hand forged iron or metal look, and tapered arches can bring visual impact to any contemporary or loft style space. Wire frames or flat panels embellished with rope, bamboo, cork, natural reeds or certain types of grained wood can create the botanical or nature like feel. Taking time to browse through the many authentic and different styles and shapes will ultimately transform any room. No matter how amazing a light fixture may look either in a corner, on a table or on a wall, don’t forget that the shade also plays a huge role in achieving the look of elegance or panache. Shades can be round, square, rectangular or flared. They can be glass, metal, paper or fabric. The shape of a shade sometimes tends to echo the shape of the lighting fixture. A shade must fit the light. White and cream tapered drum shades tend to coordinate well with the brighter finishes

Oct 16

Welcome Home Decoration Ideas

It may be a cliche but it is true that there is no other place like home. Not all houses can be considered as home. A home is composed of family members who love and care for each other unconditionally. For a person that has been away from home for quite a long time, a warm welcome will give joy to his heart. You can express how you missed this person and how glad you are having him or her around again by using different welcome home decorating schemes. There are a lot of welcoming decors and activities that you can have to welcome a mother who just returned home after giving birth in the hospital, a family member who just arrived from a long trip or vacation or a family member who works in the military coming home from service. These tips may be useful for you.

Welcome Home Baskets. This idea can fit whatever reasons a person has to be away from home for a while. What is more exciting with gift baskets is that you can put whatever you want that will suit the needs or preference of the person you are trying to welcome. You can personally decorate it and add some more touches to customize it. For a new mom coming home, you may include diapers, baby soap, baby shampoos and blankets in the basket. If the person was admitted at the hospital for health reasons, you can place healthy foods and reading materials that can entertain them. For a military officer, you may make use of cards, photographs, scrapbooks or handmade crafts that you personally made while he was away from home.

Streamers and Banners. Hanging streamers or banners in welcoming someone is the popularly used welcoming idea because of its unusual effect to

Oct 16

Ways To Improve Your Home Value With A Kitchen Remodel

Perhaps one of the best ways to boost the value of your home is to carry out a kitchen remodel. In this article I want to share with you three ways that you can improve the value of your home by changing the kitchen around a little bit!
1.Perhaps one of the best tips I can give you is that before you go and carry out a kitchen remodel in Phoenix you look at what the current trends are when it comes to kitchens. There are plenty of magazines out there that you can pick up. Alternatively you can perform a quick Google search. This is incredibly important if you want to boost the value of your home. This is because current bathroom designs tend to go out of date in as little as three years. Therefore if you want to boost the value of your home then you are going to want to remodel it as close as possible to the listing date as you can.
2.Always use a professional to carry out your Phoenix Kitchen Remodel. Many people try to do it themselves without any experience. This is not a good idea. The reason for that is people want to pay for quality. If you do not know how to fix a kitchen then sadly you will not be able to achieve the quality that is needed to increase the value of your home. I suggest that you think long and hard about the Phoenix Kitchen Contractor that you work with to work on your home. If you choose the contractor well then you can think of this more as an investment as opposed to an expense. It will increase the value of your home.
3.Finally, you should try to add storage space to your

Oct 15

Easy Landscaping Ideas For Beginners

Are you a newbie to landscaping? Go ahead and use these easy beginners tips below to help you get started with your landscape project without much hassle!

Make a Map of Your Yard
Before starting with the actual work, you should first make a sketch of your yard. Find out the location of the pipes on the ground so you can work your way around it, decide on the specific area youre going to use, and take note of the sunny and shady areas as well so youll know exactly where to place your trees and shrubs.

Create a Design
Now that youve successfully defined the area you want to landscape, proceed to creating an incredible layout for your yard. Be creative with the design but make sure it matches with the appearance of your home. You could also consult a landscape designer to help you materialize your ideas and come up with a theme that you really want to implement.

Take Care of Your Lawn
Your lawn is one of the most essential elements that directly affect your landscaping, and its important that you take care of its health at all times. A green lawn can really add more beauty to your yard, but if you have an unmaintained turf, then your landscape design will only be useless. So always look after your lawn and your yard will become a lot more appealing.

Add Pathways
Making footpaths not only prevents people from constantly stepping on your turf, but it also adds a special touch to your landscaped yard. Pathways can really make your yard look elegant especially if its created with materials like white stones, sand and wood. Put colorful flowers and shrubs along the sides as well to make the area look

Oct 13

Top Garage Conversion Ideas

In a lot of cases these day’s people actually don’t make any real use of their garage. Many areas have residential parking or people simply opt to keep their cars outside of their garage. Often it is the case that with modern cars or vans they cannot actually fit in the garage anyway. So what do you do with all that potential space? A lot of people just end up filling it with clutter but before you join them why not consider one of these popular garage conversions.

1. The Home Gym

Not for everyone, but ideal for the fitness enthusiast this can provide a great setup as it requires minimal changes to be made to the garage. Providing you have all the equipment readily available a cleared out garage can provide the ideal space for gym equipment as it has open space and is generally cooler than the rest of the house.

2. The Playroom

If you have children this could be more up your street. Converting a garage into a playroom can also be easier than you think. A company can be hired to handle all of the developments such as installing heating and sound proofing the room. If you are a parent then you might find the sound proofing option particularly appealing.

3. The Dining Room

You might already have a reasonable dining area in your kitchen but why not maximise the potential space in your house and convert your garage into a dining room. That way you can make greater use of the space available in your kitchen. If you’re worried that a garage will have too little light or be too cold, a redevelopment company can re-lay the flooring and even put in extra windows.

4. The Home Cinema

Finally and my personal favourite,

Oct 13

Find Fine Art Paintings For Sale For Home Decor

Fine art paintings for sale you look for should enhance the overall appearance of your home.

How to purchase right fine art paintings? Two important factors that can assist in finding correct fine art paintings for sale are your requirements and your home or office interior. First need you need to be clear with is the list of requirement on basis of size, colors, etc. You can do this only when you know whether you need painting for your home or office. If you need painting for your office then search for the art work that portrays lot of motivation. Bring in positive energy in the environment where you stay by means of placing classic fine art work.

If you are art lover then finding classy painting won’t be a difficult task. People who love art can easily make out the quality standards of artist. Online medium has brought in some easy ways to purchase art work like paintings and photographs. There are online company that can offer you with detail information about paintings and artist who creates painting. Find best fine rat paintings for sale via online medium and decorate your home or office effectively.

Best piece is the one that can bring in WOW expression spontaneously. Following are some of the things you need to look for while finding best paintings:

Color of painting matters a lot!

Say big no to dull work! Buy colorful paintings that can bring in positive energy to the room and can create beautiful ambiance. Any person coming to your home for first time will notice the interior designing work. While doing so they will have a look at art work you place in empty walls. Selecting soothing colors will invite more number of praises for painting.

Oct 11

Artificial Plants Make Awesome Interior Decor Items

Lush green plants are a perfect interior decor item as they turn any room into lively, beautiful place. Because they are the symbol of fresh air, calmness, hope and growth they are loved by all and can be found in every home in the UK – in fact, gardening is one of the UKs commonest hobby and appeals to millions of people. However, real plants are often troublesome as they require lot of upholding and proper care. You may need to make sure that they are watered, manured, trimmed and are provided ample sunlight on regular basis which indeed is difficult to do especially if you are a working woman.
Artificial plants on the other hand give you the freedom of expressing your love for the Mother Nature without bothering you. Even if you have a home where there is very little sunshine (and because of this you are not able to grow natural plants indoors), you can get plants made of silk, polyester or other synthetic materials. The silk plants are made from high quality raw material and are well coated or sprayed with UV stable materials. Thus, they do not wilt, die or lose their sheen over the years – they look as authentic as natural lush and fresh all year round.

They are hand crafted and are not a machine product and thereby look as awesome and authentic as their real counterparts. Like any real plant put up in the corner of the living room, the fake plant brings life to the place where it is put. With all their fantastic features and lush, green foliage the artificial plants help you at easing off stress levels as well.

The fact that they can be put just wherever you want them to and you would not

Oct 09

Some Interesting Spider Control Ideas For Your Home

If you run a simple search query on the internet on spider pest control you are going to see thousands of results. However, the information is similar in most of the cases. Today we are going to try and provide you with some other, alternative methods of spider control that you might find useful in your attempts to get rid of these insects.

Having the ability to drive spiders away can help you a lot. There are truly some nasty spiders in different countries of the world but if you know what you are doing you can easily get rid of them. However, it is well known that spiders are just simple beings, air breathing insects that are similar to us humans. We are all looking for something to eat and a good place to stay.

With that being said, I think that it is now much clearer why spiders run into your house. The best way to keep spiders in and around your house under control is prevention. So what is this all about? In most of the cases, basic spider prevention limits itself to home maintenance. Keep your house clean; use a vacuum or a sweeper to get rid of the dust. Find all the possible gaps and cracks outside your house that spiders can use to get in. Seal them as fast as possible using expanding foam. Check your windows sills. You can also use eucalyptus plants because the smell is unbearable for most of the insects, especially spiders.

Before trying to apply any of the above mentioned tips you should carefully inspect your house. This is a common mistake that most people do because they have no idea what house inspection is all about. They tend to use dangerous repellents without first detecting and trying

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