1. Great! I’m glad it worked for you. Also, I’ll add “3S” to the title so others will know. Thanks for letting me know! Thanks!

  2. Yes!!! These settings work for the 3s also! Thank you! I am loading up our four-year-old’s tablet for our nine hour drive to Walt Disney World! :) Now to download free videos to keep her busy and get her excited for the trip. Thank you!

  3. Just brilliant! I have almost no technical no-how but managed to follow this and now my son has loads of movies and cartoons on his innotab!

  4. Thanks I will try this I brought the minnie mouse series yesterday for £5 but could have got them from youtube I will now.
    Im glad vtech allow this since I could have brought an android tab cheaper and easily load it up with software. So kudos to them I will still buy books and games but music and videos not now thanks to you.

  5. Hi travisgrindal.. can you help me pls. Been tryin to do all your suggestion unfortunately I didnt get ant luck.. im using macbook what can you suggest th best video converter I could use to transfer video files to my son’s inno tab 2. Thanks!

  6. Search for this video, “Innotab 2 - SD Card Size, USB Cable, and the LLN Directory”. It may help with your problem.

  7. Hi,
    I went through the whole video to try and get a video from here onto my kids InnoTab 2s, I went into my computer and opened the drive my innotab was in and put the movie i had saved into movies, when i go into the innotab it does not show up, it shoes up on my computer that it is in there but not in the game itself. can you help me?

  8. Any idea how to keep Video Ripper from automatically starting downloads including the commercial clips? Its also not labeling the video correctly, often getting multiple episodes confused.

  9. I went through this process. At your 8 min mark it shows it on your screen. Mine never did that. What am I doing wrong?

  10. Hello! I followed your instructions months ago & videos were playing just fine on my son´s InnoTab 2S… today I updated the firmware as learning lodge sugessted and all these videos are showing a ´loading failed´ message, videos that used to play correctly before. So I reset the InnoTab, try making new videos, all with same message result, I looked it up, found a few having the exact same issue… but no answers about it yet… Know something about it? Very dissaponted 3year old waiting :(

  11. Hi I have innotab2s but I cant dowloand learning lodge navigator on my computer I have windows 7 64-bits I really need some help I have try everuthing dont even V-tech rcustomer support can help me I see you know a lot it show the next message (an error accur during the procces please rebbot you system) any idea?

  12. I have an sd card, with movies converted in Innotab format, which works for both Innotab and Innotab 2. It also worked on 1 of my Innotab 2s. However, the same card when transfered to another Innotab 2s, will not show any files in the Videos . The Innotab 2s isn’t detecting it automatically. Do you have advice on how to make it detect the SD card?

  13. Try it again on a different computer. Maybe something is jacked up with the codecs on the computer you’ve been using.

  14. heh…. well, try a different video and see if you get the same results. Maybe something is screwy with that particular movie file.

  15. lol never said it was working. it is still playing upside down on the converted files and innotab. the original ripped file plays fine in windows media play but the converted file plays sideways on wmp and upside down on the innotab. i triple checked my settings to match yours and cannot figure it out.

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