Mar 23

Tips To Decorate Your Place With Beautiful Flower Vases

Flowers bring life to a living place as well as refresh the environment at a workplace. Flower vases not only offer support to the floral arrangement, they also enhance the natural beauty of the flowers. A decorative flower vase is counted among the most preferred office and home decor. The existence of these vases in variety of designs makes it exciting for the people to make the right choice. Here are some tips that should help you use flower vases to beautify your place.

Vases in Muted Colors
A flower vase with loud colors may fight with the flowers to gain attention. It is better to choose the vases with muted or neutral colors so that they complement or enhance the beauty of the flowers. A metal flower vase is the apt choice for this purpose. However, a decorative flower vase which is not too loud is not a bad choice either.

Choosing the Right Material
Flower vases are available in variety of materials, like glass, ceramic, metals and crystals. A Steel Flower Vase is a popular choice these days as it has a distinguished charm to blend with all types of home and office settings.

Different Shapes of Vases
Cylindrical and bottle-shaped flower vases are in great demand among homeowners. Bowl like flat flower vases too are popular choices for homes as well as offices. You should make sure that the floral arrangement doesnt look awkward when done in a vase with a particular shape. Another point worth considering is that the height of the floral arrangement should be almost equal to that of the vase.

Place of Installation
Flower vases can be installed on tables or shelves. A flower table vase should be made of unbreakable material, like steel or metal, so that it is not damaged on falling. If you have children or pets at home, it is a good idea to prefer wall mounted flower vase. These vases are wonderful wall decors and are not prone to accidental damage.

Customized Flower Vases
You may also prefer to have customized flower vases. These vases add value to the place and serve as wonderful gift items as well. Customization can be done by imprinting your name or some special date on the vase. A decorative flower vase can also be obtained by painting a small picture on it.

With the availability of inexpensive flower vases online, you can think of bringing one for each room of your house. Make sure to clean them regularly to avoid the breeding of bacteria and insects.


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