1. Aldo is going to easily ko jung watch both of their fight videos chan is good im not taking anything away from him but hes going to lose

  2. Mark hominik beat jose aldos ass and got robbed of a victory.. Same with edgar. Im an aldo fan but he dosent deserve to be the champion

  3. i hear the only way to take out a zombie is to shoot it in the head, ALDO yer fked! KOREAN ZOMBIE FOR THE WIN!!!

  4. Yeah, Weidman Silva 2 is wolf tickets… anyone who isn’t all about chocolate cock knows Silva is gonna lose again badly.

  5. Goddamn man that’s probably the
    most painful submission ever. makes my spine tingle just seeing it.

  6. KZ was that night, very weak conditioned. He was the replacement of that fight. He had to dehydrate himself to make that weight. He couldnt even do proper warm up back stage. And all of the sudden he became a “Zombie” once he gets on that cage.
    And that fight is KZ’s the first fight in ufc. He is been getting better and better everyday and its been about 3years. Zombie is now a way better fighter. He has got bigger skills got mature and much more experienced.

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