Mar 24

Various Types Of Staircases For Homes

Finding The Right Types Of Staircases

All homes that have more than one storey will need a staircase in order to get to and from the different floors. Over the years there have been changes in the styles of staircases that can be used in the home. If you are thinking of changing an existing staircase or are wondering what kinds you can choose from here are the main types of staircases.

To start with you need to be aware that staircases can now be made from a range of materials. The most common is still a timber set of stairs which can be made out of different woods. Most homes will have a staircase like this and the majority will cover them in carpet.

People trying to create a really modern look should think about steel and glass stairs. Not only do they look amazing they can really open a room up. Older houses do not really suit these kinds of stairs, so think long and hard about this.

Probably the most well known staircase type is a straight style. These are usually in a single set or are set at an L shape, with one flight leading from the next. Most homes will have stairs like this as standard as they are very easy to install.

If you want to have stairs leading to an attic room or you have little space for stairs you might want a spiral staircase. These do not take up very much floor space and they rise from the spot. Not only that but they also look really attractive.

For a really modern look freestanding stairs are great. These are not attached to a wall which means that they can be put anywhere in a room. If you want to make the room your staircase is in look bigger, you should opt for these stairs.

For stairs that look more sturdy but are still partially open single open-under stairs are the thing you need. By having them attached to one wall they are still creating more space in the room. These are often used in homes which do not have much space as they let in light and open rooms up.

Some places, such as lighthouses will have a circular staircase. Not only do these look amazing they are also very easy to walk up. However there is not much practical use for these stairs as they need to be fitted onto a curved wall. With this in mind it can be hard to have such a staircase in your home, unless you are prepared to do a lot of alterations to accommodate them.

With so many different types of staircases it can be hard to make a decision on what you would like. However, it makes sense to think about the practicalities that the types of staircases offer before making a choice. Do this and the ideal staircase for your home will become clear.


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