Feb 23

Vintage English Home Decor Requires More Creativity Than Cash

When asked about their ideal decor for their homes, many people will use such words as ‘comfortable,’ ‘relaxed,’ and ‘homey.’ They will answer that they want their homes to be an inviting place of respite from the world where they can put their feet up and enjoy an evening with the family or watching TV. They want to entertain friends and family in a welcoming atmosphere where their guests will enjoy coming over and spending time. The timeless style that these words and feelings express is defined by the English country style.

English country decor emphasizes a relationship with nature and family. It is casual and practical, warm and comfortable. The English country style home looks lived in, filled with family photographs, pillows and throws tossed onto classic designed furnishings that give the appearance of age and durability. It appears as less of a formal design than an accidental happening, the result of generations of living and collecting. English country decor rooms typically feature wood and stone, fireplaces, fresh flowers, and other natural materials and elements that bring nature into the home.

Creating the English country look requires more creativity than cash. Begin with a color palette inspired by nature. Reflect the spring colors of an English countryside with pinks, yellows, greens, reds, and blues or the vivid fall colors of golds, browns, and rusts. The colors can be vivid or muted, depending on your own personal style and preference, highlighted in the fabrics you choose for your window treatments, upholstered furnishings, rugs, and pillows. English country is not a matchy-matchy style of decorating. On the contrary, its charm is the mixing of a variety of textures and patterns with florals, chintz, and damasks.

Comfortable, traditionally designed furniture that gives the appearance of age offers a homey, inviting look. Pieces like wood rocking chairs, ladder-back chairs, wood benches, and wicker offer a true vintage English country look. Needlepoint pillows or seat cushions add a bit of elegance and nostalgia. Abundant accessories including pottery, ceramic and crystal vases, brass candle holders or planters, pretty wooden boxes, wall art featuring natural settings, books, and other items of personal meaning or personality will complete the look.

English country antiques can be displayed in charming second hand bookcases, on coffee tables, or mismatched end tables for a rustic, lived-in ambiance. The vintage English look exudes personality and comfort offering the perfect get-away from the pressures of the outside world.


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