Oct 16

Welcome Home Decoration Ideas

It may be a cliche but it is true that there is no other place like home. Not all houses can be considered as home. A home is composed of family members who love and care for each other unconditionally. For a person that has been away from home for quite a long time, a warm welcome will give joy to his heart. You can express how you missed this person and how glad you are having him or her around again by using different welcome home decorating schemes. There are a lot of welcoming decors and activities that you can have to welcome a mother who just returned home after giving birth in the hospital, a family member who just arrived from a long trip or vacation or a family member who works in the military coming home from service. These tips may be useful for you.

Welcome Home Baskets. This idea can fit whatever reasons a person has to be away from home for a while. What is more exciting with gift baskets is that you can put whatever you want that will suit the needs or preference of the person you are trying to welcome. You can personally decorate it and add some more touches to customize it. For a new mom coming home, you may include diapers, baby soap, baby shampoos and blankets in the basket. If the person was admitted at the hospital for health reasons, you can place healthy foods and reading materials that can entertain them. For a military officer, you may make use of cards, photographs, scrapbooks or handmade crafts that you personally made while he was away from home.

Streamers and Banners. Hanging streamers or banners in welcoming someone is the popularly used welcoming idea because of its unusual effect to the person being welcomed. You can personally choose what to include in your banner like pictures that are memorable to the person with signatures or short messages from people close to him or her. Design the banner on your own to load more effort. You may hang the banner or streamer in front of your gate, in the driveway, in the front door or in the fireplace. A party might be a good idea where you may deliver your wishes or express your feelings about his or her home coming.

Posting Memorable Pictures. Photos are the perfect way to reminisce special event on the persons life. You can post special pictures on a board that will remind the person of events in his or her life that has made him happy. A cork board or any board will do. You can further decorate the board by including special messages or notes written by special people to him or her. Other decors to put vary according to what is appropriate for the situation.


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